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We are specialists in conference and event technology. As a professional outsourcing partner for the hotel industry, we rent, install and operate technology for events of all kinds. We offer a wide range of services to complement our portfolio.

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“When you want to build a ship, do not begin by gathering wood, cutting boards, and distributing work, but rather awaken within men the desire for the vast and endless sea.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
HOTELCO – The beginnings

Our roots

We do what we love and love, what we do.

We see ourselves as a service provider who will be happy to answer any questions regarding your needs. Our goal is always to provide you with the best solution at a reasonable price.

In order to recommend the right equipment, service and logistics, the details and purpose of your event will be important to us. It’s our pleasure to share HOTELCO’s years of experiences in offering you proven solutions and the latest trends. With most service providers, the conversation ends where ours just begins.

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Passion for event technology

At first, HOTELCO was just an idea. But as is always the case with ideas, they are worthless until you take them seriously and focus on them. The idea was simple. On our very first website, HOTELCO’s central mission statement was as follows: “…we claim to establish maximum quality as a process… “. That sounds big, that sounds strong. And do you know what, with some distance and life experience, today I can proudly say that we have succeeded. But the story really begins long before there was HOTELCO.

I grew up in a Five‑Star Holiday resort that my parents built with their own hands. So, the “PREMIUM“ in our company’s name had already been placed in my cradle. After several years as a musician and working in event agencies, I finally ended up in the GRANDHOTEL and learned from the best in the industry how the noble craft of “hospitality“ works.

Hotel excellence in our veins

I have never seen HOTELCO as a “start-up“ because our product — event technology in the premium segment, combined with a maximum of service quality — was so deeply rooted in my personality that there was never a doubt that this concept would work out. And it has worked out. Today, we are realizing congresses, conferences and events on all continents of the world and our customers include large international corporations that choose HOTELCO again and again. 

Sometimes, all you need is a little “I trust in you” to make a little boy’s dream a reality.

Now, I am a daddy of our wonderful little daughter. Are you as curious as I am about what ideas she will come up with soon?