Holistic ā€“ SimulĀ­taĀ­neous ā€“ HOTELCO

InterĀ­naĀ­tional conferĀ­ences are usually multiĀ­lingual. For all particĀ­iĀ­pants to be accomĀ­moĀ­dated, simulĀ­taĀ­neous wireless transĀ­laĀ­tions are a must. It takes thorough planning, profesĀ­sional equipment and an extensive network of well-trained techniĀ­cians and transĀ­lators. Weā€™ve got you covered.

Customers from all indusĀ­tries trust HOTELCO to carry out large and complex conferĀ­ences around the globe. Become a part of our company and become our customer. We look forward to welcoming you.

conference technology

Unsure of which technology is right for your conference? We are always happy to advise.

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