Screen / front projection and rear projection

  • 2,80 x 1,60 m Canvas Vario
  • 3,20 x 1,80 m Canvas Vario
  • 4,28 x 2,45 m Canvas Vario
  • 4,88 x 2,74 m Canvas Vario
  • 5,40 x 3,10 m Canvas Vario
  • 6,50 x 3,70 m Canvas Vario
  • 6,30 x 3,63 m Canvas Mono
  • 7,52 x 4,31 m Canvas Mono

What should we pay attention to when choosing the right canvas? What format will the presentations be expected to be? 16: 9 or 4: 3? Attention: Also think about films, because films usually have the format 16: 9. What is the ceiling height of the event room? You can say that the screen should be at least 10cm below the ceiling, since sprinkler systems and fire alarms are very sensitive. The lower edge should be at least 1m to 1.50m, otherwise your guests in the second row, who already have a head in front of them, will not be able to see much.

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