Rent PresenĀ­tation Equipment

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Are you looking for the right presenĀ­tation equipment for your event?
We are happy to advise you on the selection.

Phone.: +49 6 10 44 08 29 08

  • Writing with any pen-like object
  • Up to 20 pages per digital paper roll
  • Digital storage and distriĀ­bĀ­ution of content
  • Easy scrolling through the content
  • Easy erasing with the finger and erasing with the palm of the hand
  • Rollable flipchart
  • incl. Pens in 4 colors
  • incl. 10 sheets
  • Foldable pin board / metaplan wall
  • Incl. Paper base in brown
  • Incl. Wall needles
  • Front washable whiteboard
  • Back of the pin board
  • Incl. Pens in 4 colors
  • Incl. Sponge and needles
  • Colored pencils, scissors, cutters, needles
  • Paper in different colors and shapes
  • Glue, cloths, etc.
  • 400 watts
  • Incl. pens and foils

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