Rent Stage Equipment

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Are you looking for the right stage equipment for your event?
We are happy to advise you on the selection.

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  • 2m x 1m meter stage element (height variable)
  • Carpet color freely selectable
  • Skirting, stage approach
  • For fixing headlamps, loudspeakers, projectors, decoration etc.
  • Electric chain hoists
  • ProfesĀ­sional stage design
  • 3D visualĀ­ization
  • Based on corporate design guidelines
  • 36sqm BĆ¼tec dance floor with aluminum edge
  • 36 click-in elements
  • Real wood oak parquet
  • 2m width, B1 (length and color variable)
  • 4m width, B1 (length and color variable)
  • Integrated mini mixer
  • Integrated power connector
  • Built-in speaker