Funkmikrofon kabellos

Wireless digital Micro¬≠phone UHF

  • Headset micro¬≠phone
  • Lavalier micro¬≠phone
  • Handheld radio microphone
  • Radio receiver digital
  • Radio trans¬≠mitter digital (hand trans¬≠mitter or pocket transmitter)
  • Bodypack trans¬≠mitter in combi¬≠nation with headset or tie microphone

Wireless micro¬≠phones are combined depending on the type of appli¬≠cation. Digital radio links can be encrypted, have an excellent sound and have very reliable trans¬≠mission and reception perfor¬≠mance, especially in metro¬≠politan regions.

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  • Setup, support and dismantling
  • Insurance

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