Timer on iPad

Timer / speaker communication

  • Timer function
  • Time travel for perfect timing
  • Communication with the speakers
  • silently
  • Room sync through splitter function
  • Color signal at 2 and 0 minutes
  • Good readability due to various sizes
  • Everyone comes home on time

Lunch gets cold, the participants are bored with lectures that are too long, the first ones leave before the certificates have been handed over.

How would you like to inform the speaker somehow that his lecture time is actually over. Or vice versa, that he should hang on for a few more minutes because the plane of the next speaker is a few minutes late.

Our timer tool can solve all these problems. We can send messages directly into the speaker’s field of vision and even use a “time travel”. The speaker sees 45 minutes of speaking time, which also runs second by second, but as if by magic, it took only 35 minutes after 45 minutes. This helps you to tame chronic “overcoats”.

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