Videosignal Switcher

  • Switcher for up to 2 input sources
  • Switcher for up to 4 input sources
  • Switcher for up to 12 input sources
  • Distributor for up to 2 output devices
  • Distributor for up to 4 output devices
  • Distributor for up to 16 output devices

Do you know the moment when the laptop has to be reposi­tioned between two Power­Point presen­ta­tions, and for minutes the audience watches the next speaker as he tries to get his laptop wet with sweat?

A profes­sional seamless video signal switcher helps to manage various input sources such as laptops, cameras, I‑Pads, video confer­encing systems, etc., monitor them live and blend them with gentle effects.

These devices are available for 4/12/16/32 and more input sources.

Videosignal Switcher Perspective

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  • Setup, support and dismantling
  • Insurance

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